The Centre is the heart of our organisation. We offer a basic needs service for people sleeping on the streets.

We provide a service for those who are homeless or experiencing housing poverty in the Lancaster and District area.

We provide the following essential needs for rough sleepers:

  • Assistance with form filling
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Phone access
  • Access to identification documents
  • Shower
  • A care of address for correspondence
  • Clothing
  • Laundry Facilities

We also offer advice and information for:

  • Health services, doctors etc.
  • Benefits Universal Credit and PIP
  • Housing needs
  • Referrals to drug & alcohol treatment services
  • Employment

Homelessness can happen to anyone. Everyday we meet people who have become homeless due to many different circumstances or are living in housing poverty.

These include: financial and budgeting difficulties, relationship breakdown, lack of social and family support, leaving care, prison or rehab, mental health issues, and substance misuse.

Homelessness leads to further problems and the cycle is difficult to break free of.

People living in housing poverty also come and seek our help. Living in a house and maintaining a tenancy with little money can often be overwhelming.

We know our activity is an effective approach because:

  • It is based on well-researched models of social care and support
  • We monitor the progress clients make and results of our activity
  • Academic and third sector research influences our project
  • Our support staff have over 75 years of combined experience

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